Alongside a personal ambition to reinvigorate the art collector’s market in Ireland, I have observed in recent years that globalisation and the multifarious avenues opened up to the art trade by the internet, may be at once delightfully liberating, yet daunting and occasionally hazardous for the collector. With an ever-growing emphasis on impeccable customer service and an unprecedented demand for quality works of art across the international art market, I have been inspired and encouraged to found an art business here in Ireland that prioritises these concerns.

With this in mind I strive to find clients paintings of character and fine quality, and objects that boast an inspired aesthetic, and that will appeal to sentiments of individual identity, discernment and refinement. I endeavour to provide historical context, design history, and provenance, and as far as may be possible, share the narrative behind the objects with potential purchasers.

An important part of my ethos is to respect the life-cycle of a work of art by placing significant emphasis on conservation over restoration. My view is that all but the most contemporary pieces, have been on a journey through time. The evidence and patina of that journey add to the beauty and unique nature of the object, as it exists today.

From time to time I lend support to selected living and emerging artists, whose works I promote as part of my exhibition schedule.